• Warning: Spoilers
    Given it source (UK Channel 4) I assumed that this would be a rather one-sided hatchet job on Trump and, while it comes across as negative (even the comments from his supporters are hardly flattering), it is as balanced as any portrait of this man can be.

    Anyone trying to understand Trump should watch this series to realize that what we have now as President is the same package that has been served up to the American public for more than 40 years. He hasn't changed a bit. He remains a shameless and occasionally charming BS artist, a bully, a womanizer and an ill-informed opportunist with no fixed political or moral principles. Even the guys who created Trump as a political commodity - Roger Stone, Sam Nunberg and the rest, who are interviewed extensively - recognize that what you see in Trump is what you get.

    We'll get through the next 3 years, and it will be hard, but we should know that Trump is incapable of self-reflection. Even when he tells us that Citizen Kane is his favorite movie, he cannot see the irony in that. Sad!