• This 91st edition of the hit WSW series varies the usual format, in that the two-hour feature is divided into two halves, four women each. It's a structure Girlfriends Films fans know well, as utilized in most of the "Mother Daughter Exchange Club" series.

    The lovely Euro star resident in Chatsworth Diana Doll is cast as a sort of throwback matchmaker type, popular in the Thornhill world here because her service is more personal than the current internet dating mode. The first two segments have some punch because her matches get garbled, when the girl she's picked out for herself, Elle Alexandra, turns out to be an ex-flame of Tanya Tate, the lady she's paired with Ash Hollywood.

    Tate and Elle have a dramatic verbal altercation when they recognize each other, and it turns out they want makeup sex, which is adequately hot. Diana ends up with Ash as partner in a different bedroom in her mansion, yielding quality and glamorous blonde on blonde humping.

    Part Two of the diptych brings on the superstars: Penny Pax and Maddy O'Reilly are checking out models (mainstream, not porn in the scenario here) on a website and decide to send to the modeling agency's honchos Julia Ann and Zoey Holloway a video submission of footage shot by Maddy of a spruced up Penny posing in hopes of landing a modeling contract.

    Against all odds, and credibility, the big ladies immediately respond, struck by Penny's beauty. Of course, the fact that she's a shrimp, short stuff even by porn standards let alone fashion modeling requirements, is ignored completely.

    The porn icons, here supposed to be more like Eileen Ford than XXX talent, visit and head for separate bedrooms. Zoey gets Maddy and a 4 big breasts showdown occurs between Penny and Julia Ann. But each tryst satisfyingly conforms to the label's main meal ticket of older/younger Sapphic sex.