• Warning: Spoilers
    The Hitman's Bodyguard

    Coming off the huge success of Deadpool it was only natural that a movie studio would want to capitalise on Ryan Reynolds wise cracking wit. This buddy cop -esque style movie is the perfect vehicle to further show off Reynolds talents. Except he doesn't play a cop. Hilariously he's a Triple A rated executive protection agent. (If there is even such a thing!) His job is to get the worlds most lethal Hitman (played brilliantly by Samuel L Jackson) to The Hague so he can testify against evil dictator Vladislav Dukovich for all the evil stuff he's been up to. Dukovich is played superbly by the fantastic Gary Oldman. A role he could deliver playing it in his sleep. There's something deeply satisfying about seeing Oldman play the villain. Anyone who has seen Leon will know immediately what I'm talking about.

    Director Patrick Hughes has taken the experience gathered from helming The Expendables 3 and delivered a cracking action movie that never lets up. Released around the same time as Atomic Blonde, Hughes film is superior due to the perfect blend of wise crackery and ballistic action. In some case even the action is funny. Reynolds and Jackson have excellent chemistry but surprisingly it is Salma Hayek that steals the show as Jackson's foul mouthed long suffering wife. Elodie Yung's performance here as Agent Rousel is much more enjoyable to that of her Elektra role in Daredevil. It really is hard to fault this movie in terms of pure entertainment value. Sure they'll be critics out there that will over analyse. In a nutshell The Hitman's Bodyguard is a lazy Sunday afternoon movie. Go microwave some popcorn, turn your Home cinema system up to eleven and sit back and enjoy. Bullets wiz, explosions bang and Reynolds and Jackson bounce off each other like they've been doing this together forever. Like all the best buddy/partner movies, Lethal Weapon immediately springing to mind this was an unexpected hit and I'd pay to see them together again. Who knows this could be the start of a new franchise?