• Movie slows down whenever they do a stage production number --modern dance plewasant but very forgettable songs jealous brother bizarre spook house numbe4

    By 1955, the long run of MGM musicals had nearly run their course...and "Hit the Deck" was its last gasp. Unfortunately, changing tastes and this mediocre film combined kill off musicals at MGM.

    The plot of "Hit the Deck" is pretty simple. The Admiral (Walter Pidgeon) has a daughter (Jane Powell) who wants to make it big on stage...but the man promising to help her is a lecher. When her brother (Russ Tamblyn) finds out, he decks the guy and the brother spends most of the rest of the story avoiding the Shore Patrol. After all, this could hurt his chances to get into the Naval Academy and won't reflect well on the Admiral. Along for the ride are a variety of navy men and their girlfriends.

    While many of the songs in the film are pleasant, none are memorable. Combine that with a plot that is too simple and not altogether exciting as well as some big stage productions with very modern dance, the movie never really kept my attention. Fair...but nothing more.