• Warning: Spoilers
    Back in the day classic wrestling! Back during the WCW/WWE (WWF) wrestling wars. The two companies battled for Professional wrestling supremacy. Big bucks, and big scripts! Nitro lead the way with a new wave of wrestling! Creative scripts with the N W O, Ravens Flock, Sting and company set a new tone! Nitro always had a major turning point or revenge match. I loved the spray point body imprint on the mat for the rest of the show after each N W O match! PURE CLASSIC. Hulk turned evil, Raven wined, and Sting became a new character. Tori the evil women tried to manipulate the wrestling world along with the Outsiders. Add the innovation of Raven's hard core matches, and Raven rules with folding metal chair in the middle of the ring made me laugh. The interviews, with Bishop, and other commentators just added the perfect spice. Loved how Big Kev would jump into the commentator desk and put that huge arm around the commentators an intimidate the booth. Pure Wrestling gold. Eight out of ten stars.