• I found this early title (IMDb lists it as of 1992 vintage, and the video displays a 1994 copyright) from filmmaker Jim Enright not up to his usual high standard, and part of the reason was revealed upon looking it up in the database and seeing porn's lousiest screenwriter Cash Markman responsible for the stupid script.

    It's merely a piling on of pain, rather mean-spiritedly, for star T.T. Boy, who is cheating on his wife. Opening scene spotlights luscious and busty Brit porn player Melanie Moore humping T.T. in a threesome with an actress named Kiss.

    After he gives the blondes facials, T.T. grabs his chest and very poorly enacts having a heart attack. Boy's acting ability has always been questionable, and he's terrible here.

    He appears to be dead, but next scene as his wife (obscuro star Marissa Malibu) addressing him in a wheelchair, angry at his being unfaithful. The rest of the show is a cruel comeuppance in the "A Christmas Carol" format, as T.T. is forced to watch a series of sexual vignettes and gets no satisfaction.

    Is he dead or in limbo heading for hell? Markman doesn't make it clear and it doesn't matter, especially for a porn fan like myself who has suffered through dozens of Cash's cheap-jack imitations of not only "The Twilight Zone" but also Rod Serling's "Night Gallery". He likes to rip off anything associated with the great cigarette-smoker.

    Moore returns for other sex scenes, and the XXX highlights go to Nicole London, an underappreciated talent if ever there was one. Closest thing to entertainment occurs in an insidey sequence where T.T. is cuckolded by Enright's favorite actor, Jonathan Morgan.

    While humping Malibu, Morgan name drops his peers (John Leslie, Randy West and Randy Spears, and appears to be playing himself. He notes that he's a big star as compared to pron players who are only given two initials inste4ad of a full name for billing, a direct jab at poor T.T. Boy. Irony is that the screen credits here bill him just as "J. Morgan" -he only gets a single initial!