• Today, many people think B-movies are synonymous with cheap, bad films. Well, that's not what the term originally meant. Back in the 1930s and 40s, going to the theater was a huge thing, since there was practically no television. So, instead of offering patrons just a film, they often had shorts and two movies. The prestigious and higher budgeted movie was the A-picture and the lower cost, shorter film was the B-movie. A typical B lasted 55-65 minutes and featured mostly lesser-known actors and actresses. In the case of "Nine Girl", however, we have a film that isn't quite an A or B picture! In style, it clearly is a B...but at 78 minutes, it's awfully long to be considered a B. So, I guess it's really a B+ movie!

    The story is a very standard sort of murder mystery, the type that were made by practically all the larger and tiny B production companies. The usual cliches are there....the victim is thoroughly despicable and you see her mistreat EVERYONE about her and one of the folks involved in the case isn't about to let the police solve the case...she'll do it herself! This is a funny cliche, as again and again, films of the era made it look incredibly easy for ANYONE to solve murders...except for, of course, the police!!

    As for the specifics, the story begins at a sorority house. Paula is a god-awful lady who steals other ladies' boyfriends and uses blackmail and extortion to get what she wants. By the time the police announce to the girls in the sorority that Paula's been murdered, everyone watching the film has grown to hate Paula!

    Like many Bs, this one has its share of bad actresses...with some really overwrought performances. Oddly, however, the film ALSO has a few decent names...folks with respectable reputations, such as Nina Foch, William Demarest, Evelyn Keyes, Ann Harding and Anita Louise (Paula).

    The overall film is watchable but predictable due to the many cliches and, occasionally, really over the top when it comes to some of the acting. Watchable....not much more.