• I liked the first season, it was fresh and original and promising. With each episode it become more and more crazy and started slowing down.

    With second season here it has all but stopped. The nuthouse manner or how pretentious fans like to put it, "a realistic representation of psychosis" is all but BS craziness of bad writers that are making the acid trip like storytelling an end in itself. There is no progress, there is no frame for the story, no reference points and no fun watching. On top of the 90% of the time it makes no sense. Sure, some fans claim how it is not for "stupid people" or shallow but asking them to explain what just happened you hit a wall. At least be honest with yourself folks. This has become a turd. IT is going down the drain like mr.Robot. A bunch of self pleased writers who think they are creating something awfully deep and meaningful while it is nothing but an unentertaining, confused mess. Get a grip writers, stop making this lunatic storytelling an end in itself and progress the damn story. Comicbook shows are supposed to be fun to watch.