• This fourth and final movie in the original "The Mummy" franchise picks up from where the last one ended but despite being made the very same year has recast our leading lady which is a damn shame.

    It tells the story of our mummy once against being brought back to seek out his reincarnated lost love. This time however after the events of the last film she is suffering from amnesia and every one in her life is in terrible danger.

    Oddly the quality of this franchise in regards to cinematography has been inconsistent and this is one of the worst. Combine that with some hammy performances and yet again the movie cannot rise above being distinctly average stuff.

    Despite all this the entire franchise has had a certain charm, but I think 4 movies were sufficient especially considering how similiar they all are.

    A fitting finale.

    The Good:

    Carries on the story nicely

    The Bad:

    Timelines of the series make no sense

    Cinematography has dipped


    Much of the plot is confusing

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Everyone who wears a Fez is evil

    Amnesiacs are a great source of free labour

    I can't take a character seriously if they're wearing a safari hat!