• Warning: Spoilers
    I had just finished binge-watching the entire "Prime Suspect" oeuvre a month or so ago, when I came upon this new series.

    The thing that astonished me most was, how Ms. Martini did such an incredible job of absolutely nailing the mannerisms and overall personality that Helen Mirren originally created with her portrayal of the middle-aged Jane Tennison. Even down to the turns-of-the-head when noticing clues or focusing on what someone was saying that was significant in putting the facts together; and the ambiguity of her coldness with members of her own family juxtaposed with how sympathetic and downright gentle she could be when speaking to witnesses and victims of crime.


    And of course, no portrayal of Jane Tennison would be complete without touching on her absolutely lousy, utterly self-destructive behavior with men. It was painful to see 22-year-old Jane throwing herself at her boss (who ends up being an unsuitable object of her affections on just about every level possible).

    As a grandfather with grandchildren in their late teens, it about broke my heart to watch it.