• Female porn director Mason never tires of injecting herself (voice at least) into the proceedings, having never heard of the term Fourth Wall, or at least not caring much about anything but sex in her content. This phoney-baloney DVD series aims low, at fans of spectacle rather than the erotic.

    So we have Mason chiming in giddily in both the feature footage and then in the BTS, encouraging her femme talent to prevaricate concerning how getting d.p.'d is the greatest thing in their lives. You hardly have to be a perceptive viewer to see through this vale of tears (or in this case mutually giddy laughter) when in fact the ladies on both side of the camera are merely enthused by their pay checks in the skin trade.

    This is most obvious in the case of diminutive Holly Hendrix, perhaps porn's current successor to hall of infamer Belladonna in terms of "let's gross out my fans" mindset. The tiny ball of energy is hopping all over the set in glee after having gotten 2 big dicks simultaneously in her pussy and more frequently in her posterior, in addition to the standard d.p. consisting of one in each orifice. We can't see Mason's face but her shouting makes clear she's pretty proud of having captured this stunt on...I was about to say film, but that medium will never be made available to the likes of this hack.

    Cover girl is Lena Paul, and selling point for this random DVD is her d.p. debut = BFD. Black performer Chanell Heart also cops to being a first-timer, but all four ladies are saddled with an extremely overworked Mick Blue, who is called upon to keep it up (Cialis or Viagra, anyone?) for all four scenes and to cum on cue as well. The loyal audience is merely asked to stare at the same bland set as the players go through their mechanical paces, impressing Mason but wasting a good deal of time and energy that might have been put to creative purposes in a better world.

    Ultimately it hardly matters, because just like "squirting" the phenomenon of d.p. is generally just a porn trope, meant to impress and/or astound the most hard-up or jaded folks out in Video Land but of little use or application in real life.