• Orgies and gang bangs have been with porn from the beginning, representing the last refuge of a scoundrel as pornographer. This worthless series has John T. Bone proud of his 8 years earlier discovery Samantha Strong, back in the fold for mechanical sex with a ton of familiar guys.

    Bone tries for some style with black and white interview footage wherein he expounds on the project and lets Sam get her two cents in. Then it's on to the color footage of her taking on the studs, not all at once but in different intervals and different rooms of the rented house. It all adds up to the usual smeared with spunk face of a lady ready not for her closeup but for her pay check.

    Including the BTS within the body of a feature is nothing new in porn, and still quite popular with the likes of Mason and her all-sex videos for Mile High. We have a word for it: padding.