• The movie is about animals going on a trip to the city to talk to humans so that they stop killing them and destroy the forest. The message itself is great. I don't know why some are whining about "PETA agenda", not destroying the planet and kill animals is a pretty damn good "agenda".

    I actually liked the animation. It is not done in a very progressed way but it is cute and has a feeling of innocence which I also enjoy to watch. The characters are really well drawn and cute. Especially that little adorable parrot.

    That all said I am surprised by the age group for which it was recommended. 2 to 7 years? No way. Actually it is better for kids right after that age group. It is a bit too violent for younger kids to handle. After 7 though they should be fine with it, enjoy the movie and learn a good lesson about loving our planet and other species.