• It's hard to imagine Anthony Quinn as an average Joe when he's so often a larger-than-life character, but in Target of an Assassin, he's just your ordinary male nurse. And believe it or not, it works.

    Or is he just an ordinary nurse? In the story, John Phillip Law tries to assassinate an African president, Simon Sabela, but when he's unsuccessful, Simon is sent to a hospital to recuperate. Tony is his nurse, but he throws the audience for a loop when he gives Simon a sedative and kidnaps him! Who's the bad guy in this movie? You'll have to watch it to find out.

    If you do decide to watch it, it's not very exciting. It's kind of like a bad 1970s action flick, which, let's face it, it is. Tony has a side plot of trying to protect his daughter and take care of his own illness, but it's clearly just a bone they threw him so he can show off his acting chops that are clearly wasted in an action movie. Needless to say, this one wasn't my favorite.