• Warning: Spoilers
    Yes there is no big battle of a big giant Thor, he keeps seeing in his dreams. But my brother 34 didnt really like it, but i saw it for what it was. What others mostly don't see. Zachery Ty Bryan, a great actor, who barely gets movie time, as other IMO actors that have NO talent and horrible personality. Like James i call him from King of Queens,terrible actor , Mel Gibson only one i can stand him is Mad Max, Nicholas Gayge i mean Cage. Tom Cruise terrible. IMO But here is a guy that his face and skill us underrated, i loved this movie dispite the hate, usually i like some movies most give terrible reviews. I see some differently not a picky guy, but if their bad, their bad.

    But as start there is some cool vikings. Thor, (Bryan) sees visions of a buge man with a Hammer Of the Gods, his brother Baldur or so spelled he is awesome he reminds me of someone from Lord of Rings or the Hobbitt. Hes a cool leader and cool personality. They fight half human/ half wolf some are cool showing of the werewolves and some is still better than alot i seen. But either way they battle and it so so tricks you of the people in a shed that acts like they never did anything but eat bugs etc. But the truth is they are werewolves too and the woman in it is really bad. The mid age brother itake it dies killing some of the wolves., from a bridge.

    Thor fights his older brother a couple times and the wolves again are decently cool, its not boring to me it has fighting wolves one wolfman, devours a guys arm being loyal to Thor from giving any infro the other kidnap viking blabs and his devoured.

    Many hate this movie, but i see a cooler version of any other i saw especially the latest of the thors their .. well boring to me. This had action fighting cool vikings and were wolfs of a sort through part man, looked good the newest was very boring to me. Just Thor getting kicked out, goes to earth, tries to hit on a woman keeps thinking hes beyond powerful kinda of a jerk, to be honest, sneaks around a miltary base, tries to grab the hammer cant. Then feds are after him .. *Yawns* This had wolves them trying to fight them battle them (BRYAN!!!!!!!!!) of course. Just really hated for no real reason. I Love it and thats my story, and i am sticking to it....