• In the spirit of True Detective, the creators of Legion have managed to turn a brilliant first season into a pile of garbage.

    At first I thought maybe Rian Johnson might be directing, as the change from one season to the next was so jarring.

    The first season of Legion was original and creative, a real psychological thriller with moments of horror. The story was great, acting wonderful, and the direction was beautiful. I'd give the first season an 8/10.

    But the second season turned bad right from episode 1. It was honestly like watching a film school student trying to be weird at the expense of a good story. It became very 'marvel-esque' with superheroes and super villains, and it was no longer a clever psychological thriller. The story jumps around in silly ways, and the direction is just plain annoying. Acting is still good though, which is why I give season two 2/10 and not zero.

    So much potential wasted!