• With the rise of facism in Europe and war right around the corner, there was a concern in America about the future of Democracy. Hollywood produced a number of films illustrating American History and the importance of democracy.

    Chuck Jones had fairly recently become a director and was trying to emulate Disney by using extensive realism in his shorts. An approach that was very contrary to his colleagues. However, that is probably what led him to producing a contribution to the patriotic films that were being produced in 1939. It's been noted as one of the few WB cartoons that was devoid of any gags or humor. Yet, it is one of the greatest that the studio ever produced.

    It's a concise overview of American history with an emphasis on the struggles for liberty and freedom; the theme being the importance of reciting The Pledge Of Allegiance as told by Uncle Sam to Porky Pig.

    It's a very stirring and patriotic film. The lush visuals and strong orchestra make this a timeless American classic.