• Good series about a peculiar homicide detective , Lieutenant Columbo , he is a rumpled , cigar-smoking TV inspector, but really dogged sleuth , who is often called on finding out high profile killings , as he investigates twisted cases in Los Angeles City . As Columbo always finds a way to trap the astute murderers or discover enough evidences to make them confess . He has a particular personality and special physical , as he looking like a bum or vagrant , bumbling conduct , scattered mannerisms , he wears a rumpled raincoat and high top shoes . And driving an old car 1959 Peugeot 403 convertible .Columbo taks about his spouse in several chapters , though Mrs Columbo has never seen on Tv screen , Columbo is sometimes seen talking on the phone with her .

    Splendid series with plenty of suspense , humor , mystery , emotion and twists . Peter Falk , who in real-life was a long life cigarrette smoker and he added this personal touch, as well as he provided his own wardrobe , including his famous raincoat . Peter gives a magnificent acting as the botcher detective with ingenious demeanor, and disheveled appearance , a completely different point of view against the original project that was as a suave and polished inspector . Falk provides a humorous , comical dimension , but beneath his unusual aspect he is probably the most obstinate and intelligent investigator in Los Angeles police department facing off cunning and nasty people . Falk's debut as the raincoat-clad officer was in 1967 : Columbo , Prescription murder , directed by Richard Irving with Gene Barry , William Windom , Nina Foch , this was the TV series pilot in which he investigates the death of a psychiatrist's wife, of course, Columbo winkles out the killer ; this show's was an instant success . Although , Bing Crosby was offered the first role , but he refused and then Falk took the character who he went on until his death .

    The series was extraordinarily played by Peter Falk in 68 episodes. Scriptwritten by famed writers as Steven Bochco , Stephen J Cannell, Jeffrey Bloom and Peter Falk himself . Directed by notorious filmmakers as Leo Penn, Alan J Levi , James Frawley , Vincent McEveety , Boris Sagal and Spielberg made 1 episode titled Murder by the book . Some actors also directed episodes as John Cassavetes, Ben Gazarra , Sam Wanamaker , Norman Lloyd, Patrick McGooham, Daryl Duke and Peter Falk himself . And uncountable , prestigious guest stars , such as : Anne Baxter , Roddy McDowall, Jack Cassidy , William Shatner, Jose Ferrer, Oscar Werner , Johnny Cash , Laurence Harvey , Ricardo Montalban , Richard Foxworth , George Hamilton , Rod Steiger , Ruth Gordon , George Wendt , John Dehner , Tyne Daly , Richard Kiley , Martin Landau , Dyck Van Dyke , Lindsay Crouse , Hector Helizondo and many others