• Vivid Video cranked out well over a thousand features before ceasing new production about 4 years ago, but this oldie might qualify as the label's all-time worst. It is astoundingly poor, worse than most amateur, backyard productions, even in this age of the internet supplanting traditional porn.

    I had seen Dave Hardman as a regular in Jim Powers' classic Adult series Perverted Stories, which predates this opus. Why Vivid would give Hardman a free hand to create a gonzo video, significantly inferior to Powers' cutesy gonzo efforts, is a complete mystery.

    We watch Dave driving along shmoozing (sometimes unintelligibly, as the sound recording is as poor as the videography) with his cameraman, boasting of the sex scenes to come. Some talented professionals, ranging from "I'll do anything" Nancy Vee to big-bust titan Rebecca Wild, get humped by Dave, including an embarrassing "dry well" money shot as the star/auteur clearly goes to his own well once too often, rather than hiring other studs to pinch hit. Nick East and his fellow traveler at Powersville name of Rick Masters also briefly appear and spread the spunk in a dumb teepe scene featuring Nancy.

    This is gonzo sludge at its sludgiest, a testament to what Max Hardcore has wrought on the Adult Entertainment industry. Many classic films were yet to be made by Vivid and its Numero Uno director Paul Thomas in the decade that followed this disaster, but the endgame of free-internet porn rendering the company an anachronism was announced loud and clear with Hardman's "Outdoor Hardcore".