• Warning: Spoilers
    Correct me if im wrong, but was this movie a metaphor? There is a lot of tension between bosnia and serbia due to the genocide that happened in the mid 90's. The vibes that im getting from this film is that Selma represents Bosnia (specifically the muslim population of Bosnia), Alex represents western Europe, and the two serbians, Vuk and Milos, obviously represent Serbia. So, early on in the film, Selma begins to have hallucinations of the two Serbian men raping her or aggressively apprehending her, which happened thousands of Muslim Bosnians during the genocide. Then, she witnesses Alex being shot, representing her loved ones being killed. Selma obviously has PTSD of the events that happened in her childhood. The "monster" that is shown later, i feel is just a physical manifestation of herself seeking revenge. Alex, representing western europe, is either constantly intervening but doing absolutely nothing to resolve conflict. I might be giving this film to much depth, but thats how i perceived it.