• Warning: Spoilers
    Su (Chi Kuan Chun) is searching for those responsible for his parents' deaths. He is told by a former servant that Flying Tiger Chi Pao (Lung Fei) is being released from prison and has clues to the murders. Su heads off to follow Pao in the hopes of getting the information he needs. Su soon becomes Pao's unrequited body guard - fending off killer monks and other individuals who want Pao dead. Su is also in search of an ancient ginseng, which is in the hands of restaurant and hotel owner Miss Hung (Woo Gam) who is acting shady. Su befriends Miss Hung's waiter, Ah So (Ko Hsiao-Pao ), who helps Su out along the way.

    The search for Su's parents' killers and the ancient ginseng also leads to the discovery of a missing Jade Statuette. There seems an endless array of people out to take out Pao and then Su as Su gets closer to the truth. To quote a CKC character from 1977's Eagle Claw "We both know you don't have the ability to match me". Su easily subdues all attackers. His owner truly match is Red Lama Tso Ting Hsin (Jimmy Lee Gam Ming) during two fights. The finale fight is remarkable not to mention intense.

    The plot is muddled but the fights are nice training for Su along the way. He will need to be at his best when facing Red Lama Tso Ting Hsin.

    I gave this an 8 for the cast and fight scenes. The plot needed to be more cohesive, but not every movie can be a 7 Man Army for Five Masters of Shaolin.