• The first 20-30 minutes are a little slow but it picks up and turns into a great ride, exactly what you'd expect. Not every aspect of the movie is perfect but where it makes up for it and excels is casting. Lorynn York is a strong female lead, and lights up the screen as the concerned, suspicious daughter trying to protect/save her mother, played by Tanya Clarke. Clarke delivers a solid performance even though her character's refusal to see anything odd or weird about her boarder/boyfriend makes her seem a little desperate or daft (but still a great performance). Maslow is spot on as the eerily creepy handsome guy, and the energy/tension between Maslow and York is one area where the film excels. Adam Huber rounds out the cast as the perfect cop/ex-boyfriend. While it's tempting to think of this as a case of the playing being better than the piano, or performances being better than the film making, the director does a solid job. The pacing of the first 20-30 minutes is slow but once it gets into the action the film delivers.