• Warning: Spoilers
    In the 1930s, Buck Jones and Tim McCoy both starred in a variety of low-budget westerns. However, in the late 1930s Monogram Studios had an idea--put both these stars (plus Raymond Hatton) in a series of films to increase their drawing power. Their Rough Rider films are generally quite good for the genre, though they are also rather cheap B-movies nevertheless. The series ended, however, when Jones was tragically killed in a nightclub fire in 1942...making this the last entry in the series.

    When the story begins, a small town newspaper publisher is talking to his friend. He tells him that he plans on printing an exposee naming Rand and Ludlow as the men behind some recent gold shipment robberies. Very soon after, someone blows up the newspaper office...destroying the printing press in the process. In desperation, the newspaper man contacts his old friend, Marshall Buck Roberts (Buck Jones). Not only does Buck arrive in disguise but, like most of their films, his partners also arrive in disguise--Tim (Tim McCoy) as a preacher and Sandy (Raymond Hatton) as an undertaker.

    What follows is the typically well polished and enjoyable western...without a lot of the singing, kissing and other superfluous junk. Well made....and a shame it had to be the last.