• I am here because of Ms. Moncrieff, she did not write it but it does not matter,

    She is an expert behind the camera as well as with the pen. Originally as I was watching it, I thought it was cute and sweet and made a few cute jokes about how much I learnt from this film, and was ready to post that thread , but after getting through to the end I said to myself, wait, there is no making jokes here, I was overwhelmed at the end, and why not, why can't there be angels perhaps that others can't see but some can? I found this to be a very interesting, deep, beuatiful mediation on that tiny little rift between time and all of space to perhaps give us a little bit of solace here in this realm, especially when there are those who are going through so much.

    I think the writing was stellar and Karen really shows her skills at setting the camera at just the most unquie and artistic moments to capture something really creative and wonderful. I hope she continues on, the fact that this lady is not involved heavily with at least scripts doctoring is insane, I hope she is, but she definitely needs to be directing a whole lot more!