• Warning: Spoilers
    Don't watch it in 3D. In fact, don't watch it at all.

    I couldn't believe the low quality grainy 3D cinematography. Did Tom Cruise get a deal on some Chinese 3D cameras. I saw it in a VIP theatre and it looked like this thing was shot on a consumer 3D handycam.

    The storyline was predictable and overly simplistic. I don't demand a lot from an action movie, but Michelle Monaghan's reintroduction was confusing, unnecessary and appeared to be written in as an afterthought.

    And all this talk about them doing their own stunts for added authenticity. Well, I for one would like them to go back to using professional stunt persons. This whole do your own stunts thing came off an an ego driven attempt to impress other cast members, that fell flat. Very flat.

    Finally, the writing was absolutely terrible. I couldn't help but wonder through the entire predictable movie if Tom Cruise also wrote and directed this himself. It was that bad.

    When I see the ridiculously high ratings on IMDB it makes me think that writing fake positive reviews is now just part of the industry.

    I really enjoyed the first few films in the MI franchise, but now it's just the same old rehashed storyline. I really wanted to like it. But instead I now feel obligated to expose this cash grab for what it really is.

    I'm confident that the truth will slowly come out and today's 8.5 rating on IMDB will eventually drop down to a 4.5 - which is still much higher than it deserves.

    No spoilers on the plot here. Just imagine a bunch of overpaid aged friends getting together to travel around the world to show off their fitness level. Even Baldwin dropped a few pounds.

    Come on guys. Speak up next time you see such a weak script. I'm sure some of you still have standards.