• Warning: Spoilers
    The set pieces are gorgeous as you'd expect from a huge budget. The actors are A list. The special effects are very good. That's where it ends. The script was an egofest for Cruise and unintentionally a laugh out loud comedy that has all the laughs from unrealistic early movies.

    Plot. Tom Cruise is just too damn nice. He's the super agent with a huge heart, willing to risk the fate of the world for his friends or even for an innocent police officer he doesn't know. He's just that kind of awesome sweetheart. But it can cause problems. And now the US government doesn't know whether Tom is just another ticked off agent who is double crossing his own people! Oh no, not that All American boy we love!!!! Can he and a team of geriatric looking jokesters top the world's most evil man, save the world and save everyone they love? Well, not for a minute did I think anyone believed old Tommy was in danger, in spite of doing the most craptacular stunts.


    1. When a character criticizes Tommy and says "no one will fall for that trick" and everyone in the audience knows what's going to happen next.

    2. What happens when a double cross double crosses the double crosser who double crosses the double double crosser because it needs to be done in order to double the double cross?

    3. When Tom needs help from Hollywood, he gets it. Time slows down, high elevation becomes nothing more than a hit the ground and roll fall, the bad guys simply take their sweet merry time so that Tom can arrive... you name it. Every laughable exaggeration from old films made it into this one.

    4. The obsession with getting even with Ethan Hunt will distract everyone from their master plan. Hmmm.... so let's see the choice.... get away or get even with Ethan Hunt and potentially screw up all my perfect master plans which would kill Hunt anyway? The obsession must go on and Ethan must always win.

    The audience was laughing at this lazy tripe. These reviews are fake.