• Peter Hyams directing masterpiece besides his other masterpiece called "Capricorn One".Both represent the pinnacle of succes of his entire carreer. Gotta give this a try. Based on the rko picture "The narrow margin". 2 assasins want to kill a witness before she is about to testify in court. Gene Hackman is there to protect her while they are on a train from Canada to the US court. Will they survive the train ride ?

    Anne Archer leading actress, best performance of her entire carreer. Gene Hackman maybe isnt known very well anymore by the younger audience, but this guy was one of the very best american actors of the seventies, eighties AND nineties. Seeing is believing, you can judge for yourself. All the actors act true to life. In a serious thriller like this, realism is SO important. It's all about the details of acting and dialogue that make this thriller rise far above all other mediocre suspense stories. "Narrow Margin" is a classic that has stood the test of time. Almost 30 years old, and from beginning to end it still mesmirizes me, even after having seen it over 15 times...

    Terrific stunts on the train, no cgi stuff. It is NOT a 100% straight action thriller by the way. It is mostly a suspense thriller, with lots of witty and true to life dialogue. But the few stunts that are done are good old fashioned true to life. When you see a man hanging on the side of a speeding train, then it is actually REALLY just that. Truly impressive to see the actors themselves walking on the roof of a speeding train.

    Finally I wanna applaud the music score! The suspenseful gorgeous soundtrack is just do die for. Shreek and eery thin string arrangements, that conjure up so much eery tension. Few films nowadays get a soundtrack in which every scene has its dedicated score.

    This movie may look like just an ordinary thriller, but lots of attention for detail went into the making of Peter Hyams masterpiece.Therefore it is especially recommended for those who can appreciate the finer qualities of movies with regard to acting and dialogue. (Lesser suited for those who long for shock effects or speedy action scenes.)

    You gotta give this a try. It is a rock solid suspense thriller. They dont get made like this anymore.