• Warning: Spoilers
    Action all the way!

    An action packed and visually stunning movie, worth watching, but lacking in story quite a bit. The actors does their best with what they are given, Henry Cavill being the most captivating of them all. But the looks can't make up for the weak writing. The story contains a few plot twists and keeps the viewer guessing, a quality a look for in a movie.

    But... if the writing isn't strong enough plot twists can lead to serious plot holes and this movie has a lot of them. I couldn't take this movie serious halfway in because the story and the characters didn't make sense at all most of the time. It's way to obvious where the studio put their effort and money, on the awesome stunts and the great visuals. But that, unfortunately, can't make up for the sub par script.

    I don't know if it was the script that was weak or if it's a result of bad editing and rewrites but the movie doesn't work for me in its entirety.

    Still, it's worth watching for the visually stunning action... and Henry Cavill :)