• Simple story, but great story-telling. Ensure you've seen the last 3 MI movies to enrich your viewing experience of this 6th installment. This is why I love seeing bonafide action star Tom Cruise's action movies because he does most of the physical stunts himself.

    Plus, there are no annoying shaky cam, obvious CGI, quick edits, and off-center/close up framing of the action scenes to hide: lazy action choreography/sequences, actors' terrible physicality *cough Scarlet Johanssen's lame Black Widow cough* and/or blatant stunt doubles. Complete viewing immersion and the suspension of disbelief does not get broken once in Fallout for me. I'm not sure if Rebecca Ferguson and Henry Cavill used stunt doubles because that's how great the action stunts are - all perfectly seamless between actors and stunt doubles. My pet peeve when seeing action movies is when the stunts/action are so blatantly done by the stunt doubles *cough Scarlet Johanssen's lame Black Widow cough*. (BTW, convincing action stars Emily Blunt or Rebecca Ferguson would've played a better Black Widow because they have the right physique/stature, athletic physicality, and a great wide range acting chops which would've done justice to the comics Black Widow).

    Every element of MI: Fallout falls in the spectrum of good to amazing. There is also moments of well timed and appropriate light comic relief provided by Simon Pegg that hits the marks unlike in a few Marvel movies. This movie is total entertainment and engaging from start to end. Fallout is best viewed on the big screen and is the best MI movie followed by Rogue Nation. My only complaint is that Rebecca Ferguson's Ilsa Faust didn't get enough fight scenes.