• BLACK GHOST (when compared to WHITE GHOST) seems to be viewed as the lesser of the two, and I can see why. However I didn't think it was that bad, although if I had to choose it would be WHITE GHOST. Just like WHITE GHOST, this kicks off with the ending, as the narrative moves between characters, differing viewpoints and timelines. Nurse Yuko is left in charge of a young girl named Fukie, and begins to experience strange occurrences. A medical examination reveals that she has developed a cyst in her body. The hatred of an unborn child is feeding off the girl, and cursing the people around her. This is a curse of someone who couldn't be born. Could this cyst be something much more than what the doctor's initially thought?

    Props for the unpredictable story going down a different path with the Ju-On curse concept, but it sure was less engaging and convoluted in trying to tie all the plot threads together. Tragedy always lingers in these somber storylines, but something about this one felt less personal therefore not as impactful and the performances are steady without making an impression. Heavy on plot mechanics, where sometimes it would take away from the unsettling ambiance to only confound and cramp up the varied chapters, yet there were a couple eerie, well delivered moments that do standout --- like the WTF moment when the little girl drops to the ground howling and definitely the exorcism scene in the hospital. As for the ghost itself, while that creepy gurgling sound resurfaces, the appearance of the black ghost, whose vengeful intentions bleeds throughout just didn't get under my skin like that of the White ghost in the previous film. There's almost a camp factor to its chills, not as disturbingly low-key and kind of going up a notch with louder frights and off-kilter effects. Still the execution of those moments are well done. Also Toshio makes another quick little cameo appearance.