• Warning: Spoilers
    I got to watch this recently and I was intrigued, but soon that intrigue turned to disappointment. I understand being a "reboot" of sorts that things change with the times. With that being said and being a fan of the original films (Mainly 1-5) I felt this was a thrown together hack fest. It was great to see some new puppets and different ways to dispatch their victims but, that was the whole movie! It was a puppet kill snuff film. No real plot, the most wooden characters. Granted the effects and how they brought the puppets to life were excellent. They could have used that then wrapped around a decent story. I dont like that they made Andre Toulon a Nazi agent nor do I care that the puppets are just mindless hatemongering killing machines. Part of the story of Puppet Master is the tragedy of Andre Toulons fight against the Nazis and how he and his Puppets are these violent anti-heroes. Furthermore by adding so many puppets and reproducing so many versions of blade etc. Theyve destroyed the individuality of what made each puppet special. They each were their own character in their own right as well. They aren't Gremlins. To me this was just a fail for the franchise. Seemed like a sfx sizzle reel and not much of a movie.