• This is a series about life in the DDR during the 80s and just after the wall came down. The replication of the atmosphere, attitudes and everyday life in the former communist "model state" feels very authentic. A family drama about the various perspectives living in the totally surveilled and controlled totalitarian state.

    The characters feel very realistic, you can easily identify with all of them. Both the bad and the good guys. This series is a very natural watch for those of you that enjoyed the 2006 masterpiece "Life Of Others". In this series the everyday drama including both joys and sadness is very engaging and realistic. And everything encapsulated in the STASI state where no-one can really trust each other and even your very closest family might be your biggest traitor.

    There are many strong and realistic moments and one of the most memorable is when a STASI officer and his wife is counselling with a family therapist about their relationship and marriage. And when the counseling doesn't go in the direction the STASI officer wants then... you can imagine the total claustrophobia here..

    I could go on and on raving about this fantastic series. So don't hesitate, go and watch it now!