• I don't usually go watch local films, but KathNiel just have that thing that makes me not want to miss it every single time (I always watch on it's first day too.) lol

    So here's my non-biased review. I will try to be as objective as possible. For someone who appreciate movies a whole lot, it is such a hard thing to please me and my siblings when it comes to movies. I was a bit hesitant before watching the movie, rom-com-drama movies are not really my type.

    This movie, went beyond my expectations. The cinematography wasn't as great compared to their Crazy Beautiful You movie, but nonetheless, it really went beyond expectations. I never expected it to be as creative and dynamic because of the simple setting and story line, but it was unbelievably quite on par with CBY. Kudos to the team for that!

    Story wise, it was that kind of movie which is really simple and not as complicated as others but it really brought out the feels. I specifically loved the beginning part the most! It's not common for Filipino movies to start that way but it did! Not gonna spoil the scenes though. Gonna leave it all to you to find out how beautifully catching it was. Another thing to note, was the transition to each and every scene, the voice overs and the story flow. It's meticulously put together that you'll be hooked the whole time you're watching the movie. The dynamics was there too, will sound cliche but it was a roller coaster of feelings. When you think you're through all the heavy scenes, and can feel the whole cinema audience sharing that light feeling, they'll hit you with the feels again.

    To the couple, Kathryn and Daniel, they were really the one who brought the movie to life. Unlike, Barcelona: A Love Untold, we saw how great of a supporting actor Joshua is and for me, he was one of the actors who brought the movie to life. In here, it was all them. Not discrediting other actors, they all did a good job. Darren is a revelation, the kid is a multi-talented person. We can't really say anything about Miss Jean Garcia cause she really is a legend. Other cast's acting were quite bland but it was still a good one. Joross and another actor's cameo was also on point. For those who never had a relationship like me, Juan Miguel Severo and Ria Atayde was the most relatable one. They really showed what friends do, it was real, really genuine. Back to KathNiel, I really feel like this is their best movie yet. Kathryn was on her zone, she really owned this one. She literally shone her, she really showed her vulnerability and it's super far from when she was starting and her teen movies. We really saw Kathryn, not Kathryn with Daniel but Kathryn. Kathryn herself. Daniel is a natural, we all know that. I can't even explain how great of an actor he is, whenever he accepts a character, you won't see a trace of the Daniel Padilla in real life but he really gets into the character and owns it. He was the best Primo just as Kathryn was the best George. They really owned this one.

    Direk Cathy showed us again why she is a blockbuster director. She is a legend. Maybe not indie wise, cause that's not her forte. But we can always trust Direk Cathy to bring out all the emotions, may it be tears of both joy and pain, all the laughs and all the frustrations.

    Rated it 8 because there will always be room for improvement for all the actors and the movie itself, but overall it is a really great one. A must-watch!