• As a science fiction fan, I find it hard to be surprised by a TV series. But I have to say that having watched this whole series way later than what it was supposed to (2018) I was lucky enough to come across it! Being able to watch it virtually every day without having to wait for the new episodes (I practically watched the first two seasons in only a couple of days) made me better grasp the whole story and realise how consistent and amazingly written / interpreted everything is.

    I liked the humour, the banter between members of the team, and how the SG1 team is made of such different people that they actually complete each other. The casting was therefore simply perfect, and I think that the casting alongside the story made the show not only a hit back in the day but also worth watching today for those who for some reason didn't catch it.

    Season 1 to 8 were my absolute favourites and understand why some say that the show should have ended on the final episode of the 8th season. But I faced season 9 and 10 as some extra goodies, not necessarily related to what happened until them, and that made me appreciate them more.

    The new science fiction writers would learn a thing or two if they watched this.