• While I didn't serve in Viet Nam, I remember that time well, and I served with people who did. This movie is a mix of docudrama and interviews with veterans. Those that pan that concept apparently don't watch much on the History Channel. Most of the negative reviews I read, if you click on the profile of the reviewer, you find that their negative review of this movie is the ONLY review they have posted. THAT should tell you that they specifically had a reason to bash this film. At least one reviewer called it political propaganda, but that's just what the TRUTH looks like when it isn't what you want to hear!

    Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland and their FTA group, committed treason, and they should've gone to prison for that. John Kerry did as well and instead ended up as a lousy Secretary of State who made a terrible deal with our enemies in Iran. The description of the changes in America and the predictions of John Ripley came true. We are living that today. Disputing that fact is futile. The decline of mainstream media in this country began when Walter Cronkite went to Viet Nam and came home and his editor told him to "report what he thought", not just "what he had seen". From that moment on, news reporting became propaganda.