• While father and son are out prospecting, a mysterious stranger comes calling at the shack. After the daughter of the house feeds him, he assaults her. The men return iin time, but the father is killed. Some time later the son, played by Bob Morrow, is an army scout. He spots the stranger during a bar fight and the stranger is killed. Bob is blamed and in the West you can't kill a White man in a bar fight. He escapes, runs into Indians -- them you can kill -- returns to the army, is taken by the sheriff.... more Indians.

    The print I saw was dupy and worn and the titles just about illegible, but this half-hour short is a typically fine Ince production for 1913, with fine costumes, sets, camerawork and acting. There are also a couple of major battle pieces, but it is the acting that really stands out, particularly by E.H. Allen as the pleasantly dour sheriff. He didn't act in many movies, but he has a place in cinema history for producing the Educational Pictures shorts in the mid-1930s that started Buster Keaton on his long road back.