• Warning: Spoilers
    So I have been watching Deadly Women since 2016 and I have really liked it since day 1 of watching it since I love documentaries about evil crimes and stuff. They explain them all pretty well in almost all of the episodes and they reenact the events really well, some really well that they make the events look very disturbing. And I especially really like Candice DeLong and M. William Phelps being a part of the show, and another woman who I forgot her name. I also really like how some of the women they mention are not 100 percent evil, like Andrea Yates or Kelly Silk etc., but when they include them on the show, Candice and the other woman say that they should spend the rest of their life in a hospital and not a prison, which I agree with them most of the time on the show when they say that about a very sick woman like them who did the crime so they could try and "save them" from a bad future. So while I like this show, I do have some problems with this show as well. Sometimes I wish they would pick actors that look exactly like the killer's or victim's age. Like for example, the Heather D'Aoust episode where they chose a maybe 30 year old woman to play Heather, who is 14 years old at the time of the crime. They didn't have to choose someone who was exactly 14, but maybe they should choose one who is like between 16 to 25 years old for those stories with people younger than 20. Another problem I have is in some episodes, they make a deadly woman worse than they actually are. For example, the Natasha Cornett episode because most of the episodes, the woman kills the victim or victims, and Natasha wasn't the one who shot the victims if you watch other documentaries about her. I mean, she still is evil, but she wasn't the worst of her group. There are plenty of other episodes that do that stuff too but that is the one I can explain most. So yeah, if you like crime shows, check it out! If you don't, then don't.