• So many negative reviews on here! Can't help but point out that the show directly points out that its showing the 'elite' side of Mexico...the same side of US that so many reality shows are about (kardashians, any celebrity really, my sweet 16, real housewives, WAGS....etc.).....aka its not supposed to hit on the 'true' side of Mexico. Regardless....if you love drama and living vicariously through rich people, then you will enjoy this show. I found it refreshing since I've never really seen a show about a different country/culture's rich side. Go watch a Mexico documentary or Narcos if you feel upset you're not getting "true Mexico".......(again, that's explicitly not the intent of the show). Yes, they are whiter than you'd think, however if you know anything about Mexico you will know that there is a proven correlation between lightness of the skin & wealth/education level, get over it or go be a politician in mexico if that bothers you. I love the different story lines and felt attached to the cast!! would love for season 2. fans need to review!