• Warning: Spoilers
    It takes a LOT for me to say this about a Horror Movie. You're talking to a guy who gave Leprechaun in Space a 7 or 8 rating. This movie OFFENDS me as a fan of the Puppet Master series. You take a great character like Andre Toulon who fought and killed Nazis to BEING one? The Puppets themselves have no personality whatsoever and are pretty much mindless killing machines. This is absolutely nothing like the originals. Plus, there are multiple versions of each Puppet? Not to mention I can take a lot, but when a puppet jumps inside a pregnant woman, rips through her stomach and carries away a fetus, even in HORROR, that's too far. I wasted 13 dollars on this. 3 dollars would have been a waste on this. Fangoria basically took ever Puppet Master fan and pissed on them.