• Warning: Spoilers
    The story centers around two half-brothers who are somewhat close. Dee (Gregg Sulkin) is the younger brother who spends his time doing street art and trying not to get caught. He has an American model girlfriend Kristen (Meghan Markle) who loathes violence. Marcus (Josh Myers) is the elder sibling. He is part of a crash and run gang who rob luxury stores. He supports the family with his crime. They never ask where the money comes from.

    Our friendly group of robbers gets involved with the West Grove Boys in a bad way and Dee is forced to make a decision.

    The film was okay. I can see where it would have a young adult appeal. I thought there were too many scenes with Dee talking about art etc. While his life made for an interesting juxtaposition to his brother's business, it proved to be a little long and boring.

    Guide: Sex, off screen rape, nudity (Caroline Ford)