• Watched Chakka Panja 3 at almost packed cinema in Kathmandu in its first day of release. The audience reaction during the first act of the movie was good. The second act starts well but somehow loses momentum. Third act feels slightly rushed however by the time of the climax (or almost last half an hour of the movie), audience feel the movie is trying for a hefty underlying subject matter. The comedy of all actors is natural. Kedar Ghimire or "Magne Buda" easily steals every scene he is in.

    The songs lack the charm of Rajan Raj Shiwakoti's chart topping lyrics and music compositions of songs in Chakka Panja 1. Blatant product placement of few brands were overdone and clearly drags the movie. The movie would have been even better had the direction and editing been sharper and ended fifteen minutes sooner. Like earlier Chakka Panjas, the movie has too many scenes where actors are shown drinking or smoking. As the movie appeals to audiences of all ages, showing fewer scenes of drinking could have made it better.

    Having said that, the movie should be fully appreciated for its true portrayal of Nepali education sector or all governmental service sector in Nepal in general. Many students who went to public school in Nepal will for sure relate themselves to the story even more. The audience will reward the makers of the movie with huge box office records in coming days. Hoping the next project venture of the team is even better.