• At first glance this is a fairly slick movie that, much to the editor's credit, doesn't linger too long on any one scene as to not let you catch how flawed it really is.

    Upon a second viewing the muddled plot, inexperienced actors struggling with ridiculous dialogue, just a little too over the top score and occasional technical issues become more apparent.

    The opening playground scene and last 10-15 minutes are superbly done, showing great promise from the filmmaker at the helm. There are also moments from each leading character that land near perfection despite the absurdity of what they're saying or the situation they're in, as well as some beautifully shot moments that shine brighter than the film they're a part of.

    There is talent at work here, but it's not enough to overcome the inherent flaws and limitations of what the film is, making 'A Wish for Giants' a well done amateur hour.