• I went into this having not watched any Puppet Master film for at least 5 years and having only seen a handful of the other movies in the massive franchise. I've been thinking about this film for a few days now and I've decided it has heavy influence from the 80s horror era. It's not an 80s throwback or even an homage. It's 80s in the sense that it's writer and directors didn't give a damn about what people were going to think of the film and did it the way they wanted, with it's no nonsense don't give a damn attitude about people being offended, sick hilarity, gore and silliness.

    It's a film about Evil Nazi puppets, what were these other reviewers on here expecting? It doesn't take itself seriously at all, but rather pokes fun at itself in a satirical fashion. It's ridiculously funny, even though a lot of people are going to find this movie offensive, you know the type, right?

    It's bad taste jokes and gore should leave the seasoned horror fan satisfied. You know the type, those of us that grew up during the 80s that don't get offended by anything and everything. Millennials will probably hate this film.

    It's not a thinking man's film, it was never going to be. It doesn't need substance, it doesn't need style, because it's simply good old fashioned fun and gore that will keep you entertained throughout and make you forget about all the crap that goes on in the real world for a couple of hours.