• I had only seen a few random episodes now and then back when it first started but I never managed to start following it properly. I always knew I would like it, but the whole 10 seasons (+ 5 seasons of Atlantis and 2 seasons of Universe) kind of scared me, such a huge undertaking to start. But then, about a year ago I finally started the journey. And I must say, I had a blast. I laughed, I cried, I was at the edge of my seat, I was transported across the universe through the stargate.

    The cast is brilliant and their friendship is what makes it so great. There is the same kind of friendly chemistry as in Star Trek TOS and TNG. There is this warm feeling of familiarity, and everyone gets along well.

    The story and character arcs are brilliant. The slow buildup and learning about the Ancients etc. Brilliant. And it is intriguing to take notice that this series could be almost seen as a documentary. It tells things that are extremely similar to things you hear about in various disclosure events. From the very basic idea of Ancient Aliens visiting primitive humans and seen as Gods, the Ancient builder race, a base in Antarctica, Atlantis etc. This show seems to have been made as part of a long-term soft disclosure to get us used the concepts. Which it has done extremely well.

    In the first season, I was slightly disappointed in the basic format of going to yet another forest planet with a primitive society of humans. I remember that was a joke that originally made a lot of people not want to watch it properly, "every planet looks like a canadian forest", but I am glad I stuck with it, because you could see the budget increase as it went along, and we got more and more impressive places.

    I loved it when they finally got the Asgard-assisted Starships, then it truly stepped into a Star Trek-like world.

    I have just finshed SG-1 and am now starting season 4 of Atlantis, where the journey goes on. This is one for the history books people. 10/10 brilliant and fantastic in every way. Bravo! Bravo!