• This is an average movie at best. Could be a lot better. It has all the right potentials, but the makers couldn't make it.

    Good: 1.Acting is brilliant. And it's suppose to be. This movie has very limited yet powerful star cast. So every character gets plenty screen time to show their talent. Jaya Ahsan was phenomenal. 2. Cinematography was good. 3. Story is brilliant as it's written by one of the best writers of our country. 4. Music and background tracks are good. 5. Nice 1st half.

    Bad: 1. Editing and Overall direction is pretty bad. They can make some moments more dramatic and intense. 2. Scary moments are not that scary. Again loud sounds can't fully make a moment scary. 3. 2nd half is very dull. 4. Lack of a good villain makes it less interesting to watch. Yes a Villain is there, but poor script totally ruined it.

    I didn't read the original novel but i knew the story. So I have written the review taking it as a normal movie perspective. I was a bit excited but totally disappointed after the show. It's not a bad movie, it's average at it's best. TC