• The movie, today, i am going to talk about is DEBI. It's an adaptation of famous Humayun Ahmed's paranormal novel called DEBI. Supernaturally incited Ranu, played by Joya, craving for normalcy in life, ends up with Mishir Ali (Chanchal), a forty-year-old professor, who opts for unfolding the veracity of the puzzle digging deep. But, before I hit the theater, I didn't know any of the detail stated above, not even the genre. As soon as the introductory sequence screened, it took me by utter surprise, as it set the tone of soul stirring mood with its breathtaking yet haunting visuals, sound effects and musical score. And it didn't loose its momentum till the very end. But, why should it take me aback, I wonder. May be it is because of my skepticism for Bengali filmmakers of not attaining a major success in the fields of horror or psychological thriller. Not only that the story is enormously powerful, which is also screen-played with authority. It is not a period piece as the novel is set in 80's Dhaka, but this screen adaptation portrays the same plot in present day. CGI is introduced onscreen, though not perfect, but I believe they will find a solution by the course of time as it's an inception to BD films. Anam Biswas, as a debutant director, appears with flying colors. Joya Ahsan slams a triumph with her lead role as she always does. Chanchal, is effortlessly meticulous in the whole movie. However having said so, I felt Faria and Zaker could have done better. I would also say, on some moments it seemed that the dialogues were off the sync with the acting and expressions on-screen. Apart from these mere minor issues, I think it's a wonderful film that holds onto a powerful message behind it. The interesting thing I encountered when the movie finishes and a short lived applaud started to hum as a gesture of appreciation. I really enjoyed the movie. J