• There was a scene in 'Debi' which made each & everyone present in the cinema hall 'Scream' very hard. Yes, that was scary. And 'Debi' gives you moment like that very often in its 1.5 hours runtime. 'Debi' is an outstandingly made movie with some unbelievably great acting from its lead actors.

    Before writing anything I will say, there's two version of Debi. One if you have read the novel 'Debi' and another if you haven't. Because there were moments when I said, 'Arey eta to boi te chilo na'. And that's logical. You can't portray everything the book had. And to make that balance you need to change things a bit. Director Anam Bishwash exactly did that. And he did a wonderful job. But at the same time it is the same story Humayun Ahmed wrote.

    Debi is a thrilling movie, With a lot of suspense, mystery in it. The story obviously written by Humayun Ahmed is extraordinary. And Anam Bishwash wrote the screenplay pretty well too. But at times it looked like a bit fast moving. Debi had so many thrilling moments which keeps the audience on the edge of the seat. Debi has the power to hold the attention of the audience from the beginning to the end. It presents no unnecessary scenes, which keeps the audience attached with the movie. But there are things which rises some questions!! As well as I can say this without giving any spoiler, Misir Ali had very little presence in the second half. We know Misir Ali's mystery solving skill. But in the movie the portrait of that was missing.

    Again that brings the fact of reading the novel. I knew Misir Ali already, so I was wanting to see him doing that. The first half was fast moving. It introduces the characters very well. The second half is better. Engaging. The climax was very good too. But there is something which you keep looking for. Maybe an extra bit of push. A little bit. But with some great acting the climax looks very very good.

    Acting : After watching the movie I was in regrets. Why we don't see Jaya Ahsan on big screen too often!! She if flawless. Outstanding. In a very simple way she portrayed Ranu as well as anyone could imagine. Words fall short to describe her acting.

    Chanchal Chowdhury as Misir Ali was very good. He did Misir Ali the way it was written for the movie. But as a reader of Humayun Sir's Debi, I wanted a little different Misir Ali. But that's out of equation as you can't claim why Misir Ali is not like the novel's one!! It is Anam Bishwash's Debi.

    Shabnam Faria was very impressive. Iresh Zaker in his little role did pretty well. The character of Anis played by Animesh Aich was a bit weak. Animesh Aich maybe could do bit better.

    Other Aspects :- Anam Bishwash in his first directorial did extraordinary. Was very professional. But which was more outstanding was the Background score of the movie. It was Sensational. Makes the movie way more gripping. Cinematography was good but nothing extraordinary to talk about.

    Overall Debi is my movie of the year. A very very well made movie. Making of the movie deserves appreciation. Bangla cinema needs movies like this more often. And yes, You will miss something very good if you don't watch 'Debi'.

    My Personal Rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4*/5

    Nafiu Kabir