• Though it is considered a giallo, I think of "The Killer Must Kill Again" as being more like an exploitation version of "Les Diaboliques". There's no masked and black gloved killer stalking high society types, and nor is there any mystery as to the killer's identity: we know him as soon as we see him.

    The movie does, however, feature bloodless rich people, or in this case, a bloodless rich person. Giorgio is an adulterer who has a fight with his wife and goes out for a drive, where he witnesses a serial killer dispose of a body. He blackmails the killer into taking out his wife as well, but then the killer's car is stolen by a thrill seeking young couple who don't realise there's a corpse in the trunk.

    Along the way, the young man is seduced by a bubble-brained sex kitten played by the scrumptious Femi Benussi, who has her hair dyed blonde in this role, I suppose to hammer home her idiocy.

    The film actually has some quite suspenseful moments involving whether or not the body will be found, and whether or not the killer, indeed, "must kill again" - and when he will end up doing so. The killer's likeness is unforgettable. There must have been no doubt in the filmmakers' minds that they had found the man for the job as soon as they laid eyes on him, with his tall, gaunt figure, bony reptilian face, and deep set eyes.

    Unfortunately, the movie does stall a bit towards the end, and it seems the Femi Benussi role may have been added just to up the sex and violence factor. Aside from that, the movie is more in line with French thrillers, leading me to conclude it is less giallo than jaune.