• Warning: Spoilers
    I remember watching the short film a few month's back. It was wonderful and looking how Adrian was hiding his sickness coz he didn't wanted to harm his family with it in his own way was strong to look at. In the movie (for me it feels like the next ARC of the story) he reunites again with his family after 3 years without visiting them. Lot of secrets will break loose making Lester decide if it's time to open up to his parents and little brother Andrew or stay shut.

    The acting is phenomenal. Cory Michael Smith is a bright light on this film. He has talent and charisma. He makes "Adrian Lester" feels SO real is surreal.

    Jamie as the ex-girlfriend is another surprise. It's mix feelings when you talk of this character. So complicated yet so refreshing. Is a must watch.

    Michael and Virginia as the parents are marvelous! They bring a unique performance making you wonder why till this day parents like this exist. The ones who support you even if it's hard in their heads to understand what you want for yourself and life in general.

    Aidan as Andrew is also a gift to watch. This kid has a bright future. Awesome job!

    Music Score: they need to sell a soundtrack or make a way we can keep appreciating this masterpiece. It gives you the chills and make every scene make you feel powerless. You will even CRY!

    More people should see this gem of a movie. It's out of clichés, feels 100% new and the story itself it's stunning. I totally recommend it.

    • Alexandra aka Lilianetty