• Warning: Spoilers
    Took me a couple of nights cause its kinda long but not really mostly cause I see that actor and I'm like that's that guy from the 80s who did that and she had gone and done that, so I spend half the night on IMDB to see where I can find my little darlings but anyway, back to this movie, boy, what can you say, Molly, wooo! River! the little girl from Poltergeist and the guy from Gremlins woooo hoo whoop it up! But here in this gem , although family, was very tragic , the content was very laid down with very thick sauce and lots of preaching about but unlike most after school specials they don't come charged with this much Thespian powers and the parents as well are a big deal in the actor fold. But anyway, did anyone see how cute River and the lil' girl from Poltergeist were in every scene they are outshining everyone and all by doing lil' gestures or mannerisms and contortions in their faces to relate more and more than just their dialogue which gets pretty heavy in the latter half of the show. But this was really really good, although I didn't like to see my Molly laying there like some useless ugly stiff in the front lawn like that, I really really thought they somehow got there in time to save them, but , I'm stupid since the movie is all about teen suicide, but its really really neat. I recommend it, although I feel sorry for Molly to play dead like that on someone's front lawn , not cool Hollywood! But I'm just glad she's still alive since one of the comments was like RiP Mollly and I'm like oh hell no, she's still alive so I came here to make sure and surely she is alive and well, now doing the mommy thing, another thing I don't like Hollywood but I understand it, It is sad to see the Molly I love and grew up with now playing all those mommy roles, at least give her more air time, and yes mommy age can do a lot more than just play the background 'OH here comes mom again to ruin our scene!' Hollywood!? Oh well, Love you Molly and River and the girl from Poltergeist RIP but not Molly!